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SalonTech Sonic Touch 3

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ULTRASONIC NAIL REMOVER - The advanced Sonic Touch 3

The safest way to remove artificial nail without damaging the natural nail.

Acetone is heated and agitated by ultrasonic vibrations to reduce removal time up to 70%, saving you time and money.

The new improved sonic touch is the most innovative invention available on the market today.

Effective removal of acrylic artificial nails with Sonic Touch 3 takes approximately 3-20 minutes. Removal time is as follows.
A. Nail Polish ........ under 1 minute.
B. Artificial Tip ..... 2-5 minutes.
C. Glue, Slik Wraps, and Fiberglass ..... 3-15 minutes.
D. Acrylic Nails ..... 15-20 minutes.

Safety Removing enhancements with Salon Tech's Sonic TouchTM 3 is safer than conventional acetone soak. As if soaking in acetone for over 30 minutes isn't bad enough, then your tech needs to use files and/or nippers to cut or tear away the remnant traces of nail enhancement which could easily cause harm to the natural nail.

Acetone solution is made warm through agitation produced by vibrations. Only 3-20 minutes is needed to dissolve and soften artificial and sculptured nails without harming the natural nail.

Sonic Touch 3 provides an automatic turn-off feature for safety.

Provides a compact, efficient, and comfortable design for easy removal of a artificial nails and polish.

Acrylic Artificial Nail Removal
-Pour acetone or acrylic remover into container, start ultra sonic waves, waiting 3-5 minutes until solution becomes warm. (Note: using acrylic remover solution instead of acetone will reduce removal time.)
-Keep all 10 fingers immersed in solution for 10 minutes.
-Remove from container and immediately wipe off softened acrylic nails with paper towel.
-If artificial nails are not removed completely after 15 minutes, repeat the process.


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Nail Tech/Salon Owner
Melissa (New Mexico) 7/28/2012 10:15 PM
I dont know how I ever soaked without this... Love it
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