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Maxim - Pedi Redi Plus

Maxim Pedi Redi Plus
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54 Scrumptious Scents!

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Do I need to change the water between pedicures?
Yes, Always!

Does it bubble (foam) over?
No, Pedi Redi was specially formulated to not foam over.

How many applications will I get per jar? (approximate applications)


WHIRLPOOL (5-6 Gallons)

FOOTBATH (1 Gallon)

13 oz.

25 applications

50 applications

28 oz.

50 applications

100 applications

65 oz.

115 applications

230 applications

25 Lbs

750 applications

1500 applications

How much product do I use?
• In a whirlpool spa of 5-6 gallons, use 2/3 of a scoop
• In a small footbath of 1-2 gallons, use 1/3 of a scoop

How does this product compare to other product lines?
We formulated an all-in-one product especially for whirlpool pedicure spas. It won't foam over, clog or harm your pump/jets or lining. Pedi Redi will do it all and reduce your clean up time. With Pedi Redi, you will also notice that your scrubbing time will be reduced and do the job of completely softening skin and calluses.

What products are unnecessary if I use Pedi-Redi Plus?
Cuticle creams, sloughing lotions, and any other products for softening the skin.

Is there a container of Pedi-Redi larger than 65oz. available?
Yes, we have a 25 Lb. container with a re-closable lid. We also ship our products in bulk.

Are there other products like or similar to Pedi-Redi Plus?
Yes, there are a few. We have evaluated them all and, even though they may have the same or similar ingredient lists, the formulas are different. We also believe that some do not use the same quality ingredients as we do. Also, some of the amounts needed per application are more than we require, therefore it is not as economical as it seems to be.


Product Reviews

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Dale DeSantis (New York) 9/11/2010 10:19 PM
This is by far, THE BEST pedicure soak EVER! Absolutely recommend this to all nail salons!!! The scents are just heavenly and the colors are just beautiful in the water! Leaves the skin GREAT, and really kicks up pedicures to the next level!Once you use this,, you will never use anything else!
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