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What are Precise Nails?

Why choose the Precise Nail System? 
More and more nail technicians, clients and first-time enhancement users are beginning to look for alternatives to traditional acrylic or gel enhancements. Clients are beginning to carefully scrutinize the products they use on their nails, and nail technicians are looking for easier and more effective ways to keep their clients' hands looking flawless! 
After all, a happy, healthy client is a loyal client. 
The Precise Nail System is the solution to the problems in the nail industry, with a healthy, safe, easy and effective system that provides endless benefits to both the client AND the nail technician!
So how does the Precise Nail System solve these problems?
1) Fitting the natural nailbed - PRECISELY!

Nailbeds, just like fingerprints, are unique to the individual. So why does every pre-made nail kit come with "one size fits all" options?

The one factor that gives the Precise Nail System its true longevity, strength and beauty is the fact that there are almost 100 different size options for every single nail - this means over a thousand sizing combinations for each client!

However, even with so many nails to choose from, sizing is relatively simple after a short amount of training (provided for every new customer!). 

First, we assess the client's nail from the side, and decide whether we will use a flatter-arched nail or a more curved nail. There are two options to choose from here. 

Next, we assess the client's barrel arch, seen when the client is pointing straight at you. We have four options here, ranging from the flattest barrel all the way to the highest! 

Each of these 6 shapes has 16 different sizes to choose from, ranging from our largest nails (perfect for toes!) to our smallest sizes (for small pinkies). 

Pink Nails
Side view - HC 8 Precise Nail
2) Being as STRONG as acrylics - without the effort!

A major factor in the strength of traditional nail enhancements is that they have to be built up to resist the wear and tear of a client's daily life. The nail technician takes a lot of time to thicken up the enhancement, building it up to be strong, and then shaping it to look more like the natural nail. Traditional enhancements are known to be time-consuming and take up to 2 hours to apply a full set.


Precise Nails come with the shaping and strengthening already done for you! Once applied with our medical-grade adhesive, the nails are as strong as the best set of acrylics and already shaped to look exactly like the natural nail! No need for an overlay, strengthener or any drilling or filing on the surface of the nail - they're already gorgeous and smooth! 

A few key differences make the Precise Nail System even more amazing: these nails are thin and light! They are made from an extremely pure thermoplastic that is lightweight, yet strong. Another factor in Precise Nails' strength is that this thermoplastic is flexible under a strong force, not brittle. When a client bumps or otherwise injures her nails, Precise Nails will be more prone to bending, not chipping!

3) Causing NO damage to the natural nailbed!

The Precise Nail System's unique method ensures that only one product touches the natural nailbed - our Precise Bond adhesive. This adhesive is a medical-grade, MMA-free bond - the same product that medical professionals use on skin! 

After 2 to 4 weeks of strong, gorgeous nails, the Precise Nails and adhesive are completely soaked off in acetone and oil after only 5 minutes. This absolutely minimizes any damage or drying that acetone can cause, as the fingers and nailbeds are barely exposed to the removal product. There is no need for foils or filing to remove excess product!

What remains? Strong, healthy natural nails. 
Clients who switch to Precise Nail enhancements actually watch past damage grow out with every new set, and after 2-3 months they can find no more evidence of nailbed damage! This past damage comes from filing, drilling, and harsh chemicals absorbing into the natural nailbed, as well as drying and cracking from lengthy acetone exposure.

Nails damaged by chemotherapy were able to grow and heal underneath the Precise Nails. After soaking the Precise Nails off, the area becomes dry - the nails and fingers are remoisturized with oil after the enhancement is applied.

Purple nails - Precise Nails
4) Taking HALF THE TIME to apply!

As we know, traditional nail enhancements can take up to 2 HOURS to apply a full, new set. Precise Nails, however? Removal and re-application takes around 45 minutes for all 10 fingers, though some techs can go as quickly as 30 minutes! 

For a new client, previous enhancement removal can take up to 20 minutes, but the new client sizing process takes only about 10 minutes. First-time clients will usually only spend about 90 minutes at your salon! From there, every appointment can be as short as an hour.

5) No fumes, harsh odors or dust! 

No drilling or heavy filing means no dust or chemical particles that you or your client could be breathing in - this also means that salons who offer only the Precise Nail System need no ventilation systems or masks! 

The Precise Nail System's products are also gentle and odorless, saving both nail tech and client from the heavy fumes and strong odors that accompany most traditional nail enhancement systems. 

Natural nails
Getting started is easy - you only need to purchase a Professional Kit!
precise nails professional kit go30 prescription

The Precise Nail System Professional Kit includes:

  • 96 bags of Precise Nails - ten of every size for a perfect client fit!

  • Precise Bond Medical-Grade Adhesive - strong enough to last 2-4 weeks, yet gentle and healing to the natural nail!

  • The Precise System's Prep Products - unique, odorless and completely harmless!

  • Precise Files - soft grit for use on the natural nail as well as the Precise Nails. No heavy, damaging filing required!

  • Precise Nail System Client Cards - for keeping track of your client's sizing combination!

  • Many more products that come together to make the Precise Nail System the safest, most effective nail system in the world!

The Professional Kit comes with everything you need to apply approximately one hundred sets of Precise Nails! No extra purchase is required. 
At a value of over $500, we offer the Professional Kit to licensed nail techs and cosmetologists for $349.95.
We also offer the Deluxe Kit!
Valued at over $700, the Deluxe Kit includes everything in the Professional Kit, as well as your very own Sonic Touch Soak-Off Machine for removing the Precise Nails and a pack of chemical-resistant sponges. 
We recommend the Deluxe Kit for salons that do not have a soak-off machine on-site.  
The Deluxe Kit is priced at $499.95.
How to get started:
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We are excited that you are interested in becoming a part of the Precise Nail System! 

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  • Any views expressed regarding traditional nail enhancements by clients and individual nail technicians are the personal opinions of the individual and not Precise Nail Company.
    Precise Nail Company promotes the Precise Nail System as an alternative to traditional nail enhancements only. 
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